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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Kristen Ruby

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Hey StilettoGals,

It has been a while since we last posted on Walk A Mile in Her Shoes.  We have been very busy building our brand and I am excited to relaunch the series with an amazing woman entrepreneur, Kristen Ruby.  You may have seen her lately on Bravo TV, but Kristen is so much for than a pretty face on your TV set, she is the founder of Ruby Media Group, a PR and Social Media Agency based in New York City.  She has built her empire from the ground up and I am truly inspired by her.  I am pretty sure all of you will be too.


StilettoGal:  Please tell us about yourself and how you started your business?

Kristen:   I started my business when I graduated from Boston University’s College of Communications. I previously had 13 internships while in college and wanted to branch out on my own. I originally started working with Ted Miller of Datakey Consulting in strategic management consulting doing social media. Since then, I have expanded my service offering from social media to full service Public Relations.


SG: Who inspires you and why?


KR:  Powerful women definitely inspire me. For example, I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful women on my recent reality show on BRAVO. Angela Rae Berg really inspired me- she cares about her job but first and foremost about the quality of life of the people she is working with. She has a moral compass and sense of ethics in her work that is unsurpassed. She also inspires me because she taught me how to be a better communicator. Many people in life will let you get away with the way you have always been. Few people in life will shine a light on you and help you see a better way that works well for others. These are the type of people that can change the course of your life.  For me, Angela Rae Berg was definitely this type of person and I am forever grateful to have met her and had the privilege of working with her.


SG:  What has been your proudest moment?


KR:  My proudest moment is definitely when I am on air discussing social media and tech trends. I love being on air and connecting with the public on relevant issues that shape public opinion.


SG:   What has been your biggest challenge in business and how did you overcome it?


KR:  My biggest challenge in business has been learning how to be “nice” and a people person. When people think of business challenges, they often think of Profit & Loss issues or ROI issues. For me, my biggest challenge has been growing and maintaing relationships. I had no problem growing campaigns, but there was always a disconnect between growing them and communicating that to the client. I thought just growing it was enough. Now, I realize communicating with clients is equally if not more important so they can constantly see the value add and feel the agency client relationship is strong.


SG:   How do you define success?


KR:  Success is defined by having everything you want. It isn’t monetary. It is inner peace. You have to redefine success around the life you want to live- the life  you create. Recently, someone posted on Facebook and said what would you do if you won the lottery? I responded, “I would do exactly what I am doing now and give the lottery money to my parents so they could retire early.” To me, winning the lottery doesn’t really mean much. When you have your own business, the world is your oyster and you always have the ability to “win the lottery” with the amount of work and dedication you put into growing your business. I would rather work hard for something I earned then be handed something.


SG:  Can you give 3 tips to aspiring entrepreneurs?



1. Be Resilient. You will get rejected 20 times a day in this industry. It’s normal.

2. Have a thick skin. Most people won’t like you. That’s ok. As long as you like yourself and feel like you are giving the world something of value that can benefit others, don’t listen to the naysayers.

3. Be kind. The best investment you will ever make is on your self- whether through continuing education or spirituality. Your inner vessel needs to be clear for you to shine as an entrepreneur with those you manage and those that retain your services. Make sure your house is in order before you build a business. If not, it will always come back to you.


SG:   What kind of shoe are you and why?


KR:  I am a thigh high Chanel boot- trendy with the thigh high leather, yet classic with the pearls and tough sole.


For more information about Kristen and her company visit rubymediagroup.com




Kristen’s Chanel Boots




Little Black Dress with DailyLook

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Recently, I was inspired by the fashion brand DailyLook to create a fun outfit with a little black dress .  I wanted to put together a look that reminded me of my days in Paris because as you know, I lived their for 8 years.  I chose this peplum dress as I thought it could be a day dress that could be styled for the evening.  We styled the dress with a cropped leather jacket and lace booties to give the look a bit of an edge.  Each one of these items can also be worn separately with jeans and a simple white t-shirt.  I will be wearing this look tonight for The StilettoGal Speaker Series where I will be interviewing the co-founder Shefali Khanna.  Stay tuned for more pictures from the evening.


Fall Wardrobe Tips from Guest Blogger Tina Hamilton

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Comfortable Work Wear Trends for Winter

The days are getting colder and thin fall layers are beginning to be not enough for the winter days to come. Women want to continue wearing the fabulous work looks they have created over the summer and fall, but they need to bundle up a little more in order to stay warm inside and outside of the office. However, drowning in a lot of oversized layers is no woman’s idea of fashionable. Instead, women can find a way to dress is warm think layers without getting lost.

It is possible for women to still create a feminine and beautiful shape while dressing warm in the winter. Additionally, many super comfortable winter items are very trendy for this year, so women can be comfortable and warm all day while still looking fashion forward. These trends are also easy for any woman to adapt to any office setting and weekend life so that her wardrobe can be functional and versatile. Here are some of the most comfortable work wear trends for winter.

Flowing capes

Capes used to be deemed only appropriate for costume wear, but this season they are making a classy comeback. Capes are a great way for women to add an extra warming layer to protect against the elements without feeling suffocated or buried under and big overcoat. Capes have become the new, classy, go-to layering piece for any career woman.

Microfiber undergarments

New microfiber technology has allowed designers to create soft and comfortable clothing like never before. This new material is the perfect base to any outfit. Women can start with microfiber bras and perfect panties that give them the most comfortable base to any outfit. Women can be more comfortable and supported in whatever they wear with microfiber undergarments.

Chunky scarves

Chunky scarves are a trend from last year that is coming back bigger than ever. Every woman of every age cannot get enough of big, chunky, sweater-style scarves. These scarves are not just for casual wear anymore. Women are pairing chunky scarves with button down shirts and even dresses for a cozy workplace look. Chunky scarves are also great because they can be worn and tied so many different ways, so one scarf can create different looks for each day of the week.

Boyfriend blazers

The boyfriend look is something that most teens have already been embracing since last year, but the new boyfriend cuts are making their way into the office. Boyfriend –style blazers are a great way for women to feel comfortable in their work attire while still being dressed up. Boyfriend blazer’s loose fit and easy look make them simple to wear and easy to layer underneath for the cold winter months. Women can add some chunky jewelry to make the look feminine and classic for work.

Soft knit layering pieces

Soft knit layering pieces are a great base for any woman’s winter wardrobe. These items can be layered easily to create more warmth without looking bulky. These pieces are also very inexpensive and easy to for women to maintain. Women can look for thin layering sweaters and wear two at a time to stay trendy and warm. These thin layers also to great underneath blazers and overcoats to keep women warm no matter what winter weather they face.

Menswear-style loafers

Menswear style is the last thing a woman would expect to look feminine, but the effect is actually the opposite. Women are embracing small inspirations of menswear in their style to create the most feminine look possible. Woman can balance menswear-style loafers with a soft blush button down and skinny pleated pants for a sophisticated and flirty work look. These flat shoes are comfortable to wear all day and easy for women to dress up for work.

Maxi skirts

The maxi skirts that were so popular for summer and fall are not making their way into wintertime styles. Maxi skirts are easy to add to for winter to stay warm and feel comfortable no matter what activities are planned. Women can pair their maxi skirts with tights and boots to stay warm and make a day of running errands easy and carefree. Women can dress those skirts up for the office with silk tops and blazers or down for the weekend with combat boots and a bomber jacket.

Image: http://pixabay.com/en/brunette-cute-face-fashion-female-15947/  


Making a Statement in Altuzarra for Target

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Hey Stiletto Gals!

It’s been awhile and I am sorry that I have not been posting lately.  Today is the first of October and I am so excited as it is finally fall and it is time to bring out the fall boots.  I absolutely love fall boots and am excited to hear that the thigh high boot and the bootie are still in fashion.  I love learning about new designers and much to my surprise, Altuzarra for Target came out on September 14th!

Joseph Altuzarra is a french designer who has made his way into the heart of every fashionista including myself.  He launched his brand, Altuzarra, in New York in 2008. His brand is influenced by his multicultural upbringing and his international education in fashion.



Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Eve Peters

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Social media is a funny thing Stiletto Gals. I was recently contacted by a new startup called WhimLA on Twitter.    WhimLA is a dating app for men and women who want to go out on a date tonight!  It takes all of the guess work out of online dating and they set you up with someone and even find the venue! . I had the opportunity to interview the co founder and CEO, Eve Casual.  Take a look at her road to success below.

Stiletto Gal:  How did you get started in tech?

Eve Peters:  I started in tech because of my interest in online dating.  This was back in 2008 – I was 25, and had been a heavy user of online dating sites for a couple years.  My idea for my first startup – a group dating site called MIXTT – came out of my personal experiences and desire for a more fun and social way to meet new people.  After getting validation that it was a good idea, I went for it – not really having a clue what I was doing.  That first venture was a massive and amazing learning experience.  It also got me hooked on the startup world, so I’ve been working at various tech ventures ever since.
SG:  What made you decide to do an app for dating when there are so many out there?  What makes your app different?

EP:  There are a ton of entertaining dating apps out there, but none of them is actually creating an efficient and effective solution to meeting new people.  They’re doing a great job of connecting people in the app, but not doing well at getting them to the more important step of meeting face-to-face.  People are spending days and sometimes weeks building up to a single date.  For relationship-seeking people, this takes a tremendous amount of effort and time.  Whim cuts out the majority of this input, instead allowing people to quickly match up for a date based on matching preferences and availability.  While other apps are marketplaces of people, Whim provides a date-on-demand service that brings you quality dates with just a few clicks.  You can literally sign up for the app this afternoon, and find yourself out on a date with someone who matches your preferences tonight.
SG:  What have been your biggest challenges as a startup in the tech world, especially a woman in tech?

EP:  I think that, because there are so many crummy dating apps out there, it’s been tough to overcome the “Oh no, not another dating app startup” bias.  When people hear our business case and learn about our backgrounds, they become interested – but getting them to pay heed in the first place has been difficult.  As for being a woman in tech, one huge challenge has been finding female mentors, advisors, and investors to back us up – because there are so few of them out there.
SG:  What are some tips you can give to other women who want to start a tech company?

EP:  Number one, getting a company off the ground means persevering through hardship over and over again until you get it right.  Two – and this is so hard – if you are not technical, you have to find a way to get a technical person to partner with you.  You can’t build a tech company without a tech founder – unless you have very deep pockets to begin with.  Three, start something because it compels you; you’ll live and breathe it through many ups and even more downs, so you have to love the vision to get through all of that.
SG:  Who inspires you and why?

EP:  I’m inspired by my friend and advisor Prerna Gupta.  She was co-founder and CEO of Khush, acquired by Smule, and she went through the whole startup journey with grace, humility, and not buying into dogmas of particular ways startups should be run or startup founders should live their lives.  I respect her a lot not only because of her success, but the values she’s demonstrated to stick to along the way.
SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why?

EP:  I’m a TOMS wedge sandal.  Brightly colored; agile enough to dance in; and doing what I can to give back!
If you are interested in finding a date tonight, visit the site to download the app now!
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