Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: JuliAnn Stitick

JuliAnn Stitick, Success Style Guide

Hailing from La Canada, CA, JuliAnn Stitick is the ultimate triple threat - keynote speaker, inventor of Color Rx, and a Success Style Guide who got her start with a part-time job at Nordstrom that led into a stylist position within the same company. From retail to keynote speaking and creating her own app, I got the chance to speak with JuliAnn about how she got her start, her biggest styling moment, and her personal tips for female entrepreneurs - one of which includes handbag organization!

Hillary Gadsby: Tell me how you went from a part time job at Nordstrom to pursuing a career as being an image stylist as well as a keynote speaker.

JuliAnn Stitick: I quit my job with Nordstrom because my family needed more of my time.  I have always been a speaker and have blended my passion of styling and speaking with my commercial real estate sales and title insurance sales experience to create keynotes that are highly valuable to entrepreneurs and corporations.

HG: As a Success Style Guide, what do you do?

JS: A few of my specialties are included below!

1.  Teach Keynote Presentations - Your Success Style~ a blend of Attitude Style (the attitude and energy we carry with us in life and business), Nordstrom Style (customer service excellence) and Transformational Style (fashion expertise)

2.  Conduct Transformational Style Workshops (inner and outer style excellence)

3.  VIP Style Consultations

4.  Your Success Style Masterminds for women in business

 HG: What is Color Rx and how did you invent it?

JS: Color Rx is our mobile app for iPhone and iPad   It is a virtual color consultation based on your natural hair color and eye color AND a color shopping palette.  I came up with the concept of modernizing the color palette wallets and books that women carry in their handbags.

HG: What are some of the challenges (and advantages) to having the triple threat as a Success Style Guide, app inventor, and being a keynote speaker?

JS: The biggest challenges are that the buck stops with you when you make decisions.  You are the chief everything officer.  The benefits are that I get to follow my business sense and my heart as I create programs and services that connect directly with what women are looking for.  I love the freedom and ability to prioritize my life in a healthy and balanced manner.

HG: What was your biggest styling moment?

JS: My biggest "styling moment" is what I call the paycheck for my heart...  a client that called to thank me for believing in her and helping her to look and feel her best.  She had not been attending events because she felt so bad about herself.  Once she worked with me and she felt the confidence to attend networking events and really shine, not only did her self esteem increase, but so did her paycheck.  She even told me, "JuliAnn cared just as much, if not more about how I felt on the inside as how I looked on the outside.  I will forever treasure the gift she gave me in bringing out the woman that had been hidden for 52 years."

HG: Amazing! Can you tell me about your biggest shoe splurge?

JS: A pair of comfy navy metallic Attilio Giusti Leombruni ballet flats. They were $450, but I knew I'd wear the heck out of them!

HG: Fill in the blank: my favorite shoes are a pair of _____ because ________.

JS: My pink fuzzy slippers because that usually means I am wearing my fave outfit, my pajamas!

HG: What are your three biggest tips for women starting out as entrepreneurs?

JS: 1  Begin your day with affirmations. Look in the mirror and say, "You are incredible at what you do and women are blessed to work with you."

2.  Take the time each week to organize your handbag and desk.  Clients pay attention to your timeliness and organization and you'll feel more balanced and appear and BE more organized.

3.  Set a schedule and stick to it.

HG: Finally, tell me about an unexpected lesson you learned in business.

JS: I think it is imperative that we invest in ourselves and businesses, even when writing the check hurts a bit.  Choosing the right mentors and coaches and then being very willing to listen to them and take the actions to implement the things they teach us.

Follow JuliAnn on Twitter here and check out her Facebook page here! For more information on JuliAnn and the Success Style Guide, visit her website.