Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Dimple Thakkar

Dimple Thakkar, CEO and Impresario of SYNHERGY

I couldn't be more pleased about walking a mile in this gal's shoes this week Stiletto Gals as it is one of my strategic partners and dear friend, Dimple Thakkar! Based out of Los Angeles, Dimple is the CEO and Impresario of SYNHERGY, a marketing and consulting firm that focuses on social media (and even has some pages designed to look like Facebook profiles on the site!) Today, she gives me a taste at what SYNHERGY does, whether or not your business needs a marketing team, why there is no glass ceiling, and a look at how the two of us became strategic partners.

Hillary Gadsby: Tell me a little bit about what SYNHERGY does and more about yourself.

Dimple Thakkar: I’m a recent Power 30 Under 30 Award Recipient and the CEO and Impresario of SYNHERGY, which offers all types of online marketing, coaching, training and consulting with a focus in social media.  Since its inception in 2008, SYNHERGY has received several awards and recognition from major publications including Mashable (nominated top social media agency), iMedia Connection (nominated most innovative agency website), The Los Angeles Business Journal, TechZulu and more.

HG: What's the mission behind SYNHERGY?

DT: For us, it’s important to take the extra step in a world of quick projects and short engagements.  Our attention to detail has to be remarkable.  Our passion has to be fierce and uncompromising.  We aim to inject our social media marketing efforts with fun and creativity and never (really, never!) fail to deliver on promises to our clients.  Most businesses ignore these values and are frightened by them, but we’re determined to succeed by relentlessly focusing on building a reputation that’s worth owning.

HG: Are businesses, especially start-ups, better off doing their own marketing or should they hire a firm to represent them?

DT: There needs to be a combination and a balance between outsourcing your marketing and handling it in-house.  Often, in-house marketing teams get “stuck” in their day-to-day activities and sometimes fail to see what’s going on “outside” of their organization.  That’s why it’s important to work with experts and marketing teams externally, so those fresh and trendy ideas don’t go unnoticed.  For start-ups, resources can sometimes be limited, so it’s crucial to be honest and realistic about whether you have the bandwidth to handle the work load.  If not, it’s better to hire a reputable agency to do it for you.

HG: What three social media platforms should every female entrepreneur should have an established presence on?

DT: Nothing surprising about these choices, but I recommend Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for all entrepreneurs.

HG: Refresh my memory - how did we become strategic partners again?

DT: Hillary and I met at a networking event through a mutual colleague.  Since we both offer marketing services that complement each other, it was a no-brainer to form a strategic partnership with her company.  If a SYNHERGY client needs an event, we go to Hillary.  If Hillary’s clientele needs social media, she comes to us.  In a way, we become each other’s sales team and fuel referrals for each other.  In this economy, TRUSTED strategic partnerships are the smartest way for a small business to offer their clients more without spreading themselves too thin!

HG: Can you share one of your share one of your favorite stories from SYNHERGY with me?

DT: Back in 2011, SYNHERGY was nominated by iMedia for having one of the most “innovative agency websites.”  At the awards ceremony, we realized we were up against other agencies who literally spent tens and thousands of dollars on their website.  And us?  We spent under $1,000.  It’s funny how a creative idea can triumph over throwing money at something in the marketing world.  And yet, marketers overlook that phenomenon far too often.

Dimple's fav footwear - Nikes!


HG: Fill in the blank: my favorite shoes are a pair of _____ because ________.

DT: Nikes because I'm a slave to the swoosh and the sports that I play in them!

HG: What has been your biggest shoe splurge?

DT: I splurged less than a week ago!  I’ve always been very casual in terms of my appearance (usually sporting a nice t-shirt, sweater and jeans with sneakers), but since I’ve lost nearly 60 lbs in the last 2 years, I decided to spruce up my wardrobe and “dress up” a bit more.  When you feel good, you want to look good, right?!  With that said, I spent a good amount of dough buying some new business suits.  I can’t wear my usual sneakers with those, so I went on a mission to find comfortable shoes that I can rock with my new look.

HG: What was an unexpected business lesson you learned a great deal from?

DT: It’s crucial to create a business model that is scale-able as well as multiple streams of revenue to sustain these days.


HG: What three pieces of advice you would give to women looking to pursue a career in marketing?

DT:  1) There is no glass ceiling, just the stars.  So reach for them!

2) Remember:  half-assed is half-assed regardless of chromosomes (so stop blaming men for your short-comings!)

3) Nice girls finish last too…so never fail to be persistent to get what you want!  Once that happens, get comfortable with having power.

Follow Dimple on Twitter here! For more information on how to get started with SYNHERGY, visit the website today!