Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: May Hui

May Hui, founder of Catch Matchmaking

Happy Valentine's Day, Stiletto Gals! Today we've got a bonafide matchmaker in the house - the founder of Catch Matchmaking, May Hui! Based out of Los Angeles, May works to help you find that special someone that's just your perfect catch. Today, I'm chatting with May about how a matchmaking service actually works, what anyone pursuing matchmaking over online dating needs to know, and the answer to what men and women are really looking for in the perfect partner.

Hillary Gadsby: Tell me about the mission statement behind Catch Matchmaking.

May Hui: Catch Matchmaking was founded in 2007 to fulfill a tremendous need for an effective, dignified, and professional way for quality singles to meet and date in Los Angeles. Whether you are new to the city, divorced, a busy professional, or simply a great catch, we are focused on helping you find someone to share your life with. When you join Catch Matchmaking, there is no question that you will receive the highest level of service!  However, it doesn't mean we can magically 'create' that man/woman you are seeking though so the key is to be open-minded when dating.

HG: Can you detail a little more the process behind Catch Matchmaking as a whole? Like what cities you make matches in and how long it takes to make a match?

MH: Catch Matchmaking is pretty simple to work with. We work exclusively in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Ladies fill out a profile and join our exclusive and private database free of charge.  If she's a match for one of our fantastic clients, we'll contact her immediately to set up an interview with her.  If both parties want to meet, we actually set up the date with the time and place.  All they have to do is flirt, have fun, and let the date take its course.  Men fill out a profile and meet with one of the co-founders to discuss who they are seeking, their dating habits, and wants and desires in a partner.  Our matchmakers use their expertise and intuition to carefully handpick the matches.  With over 71% success rate and tons of testimonials, we know what we're doing and the secret behind our success is we genuinely believe there is someone out there for everyone.

HG: Why should a single person go with a matchmaking service over dating sites like eHarmony or Match.com?

MH: Online dating sites can be successful for many people, but our male clients come to us because they want us to do the work for them.  Our male clients are successful and simply delegate at work so delegating this very important part of their lives to professional matchmakers is no different.  They don't have trouble meeting women, just quality women.  Women lie about their weight, age, and post old pictures online.  Men lie about their height and salary.  We are the "middle-women" to police all that and make sure both parties are representing themselves accurately and truthfully.

HG: Do you have any matchmaking success stories?

MH: We just had an amazing couple get married last weekend.  She was an excellent dater because when we send her a guy that met her must have's and dealbreakers, she'd say yes without hesitation.  She trusted us and after 6 guys, we found her Mr. Right.  He was our paying client and it was his second match with us.  The key is to say YES to anyone your friend or matchmaker set you up with.  You just never know what will happen or who you will connect with!

HG: Time to pop the big question - what are men and women really looking for in a partner?

MH: Honestly, men and women really don't know who they are looking for.  They are looking for men and women like their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends and that's their biggest mistakes.  The most successful clients who work with us are the ones who tell us who they are looking for and let us to do the picking.  We know best on who they should be with.  We are realistic and match people realistically with someone's needs (not wants) height, income level, goals, values, and personalities.

Check out May's fab peep-toe heels!

HG: Do you offer speed dating services or mixer events?

MH: We offer speed dating events and mixers monthly for all ages.  No other company actively get out there to recruit the women.  We don't wait for them to come to us.  We have six people on our team to go find those lovely ladies for our male clients.

HG: What has been your biggest shoe splurge?

MH: My biggest shoe splurge is on-going and it's boots in every color, heel, and material!

HG: What are your 3 biggest pieces of advice for anyone pursuing online matchmaking for the first time?

MH: Do your homework. Check up on that company's reviews, BBB, and other testimonials online.  You'd be amazed how much you can find when you search the right keywords.

Interview your matchmaker personally and go with your gut.  If you get along with her and see yourself working with her for the next six or twelve months.

Visit your matchmaker in her office.  How she runs her business is how she is going to run your love life.

For more information on May and to get started with Catch Matchmaking, check out her website and visit Catch Matchmaking on Facebook and Twitter!