Walk a Mile in His Shoes: Tod Hallman

Tod Hallman, Fashion Stylist, Runway Show Producer and Fashion Blogger

Notice anything different about today's blog title? I couldn't be more excited to feature my dear friend and fellow fashionista today on Stilettogal, Tod Hallman! Tod is a wearer of many stylish hats here in Los Angeles - fashion stylist, runway show producer and fashion blogger - all adding up to one amazingly talented triple threat! Today he gives me some of the scoop into what styling for a celebrity versus fashion show styling is like, his dream client, and the moment all you Stiletto Gals have been waiting for... a look into the biggest trends in shoes for spring.

Hillary Gadsby: Tell me about your fashion blog, THPFashion, and what the "THP" stands for.

Tod Hallman: The (THP) acronym in my company's name stands for Tod Hallman Productions and I must admit I can't take credit for it. I was working on a fashion show and my good friend Gregory Arlt from MAC cosmetics who was keying the makeup for the show just spit it out in the middle of conversation and I was like, "dude, I love you." My blog is really all over the map when it comes to fashion, which I love. I didn't want to write exclusively about women's or men's fashion but I wanted to share with my readers all the things that I love about the world of fashion. I write about everything from red carpet fashion/events to fashion for charitable causes as well as fashion exhibitions.

HG: How did you decide you wanted to pursue working as a stylist and in fashion?
TH: In another life I was a professional dancer. When I retired from dance I found myself working in retail sales as well as in visual display. I landed a job at an entertainment PR company where I learned a lot about the business of Hollywood but knew it wasn't for me. I'm a creative type so one day with the support of my boss I quit and became a stylist assistant and from my very first shoot I knew this was it.
HG: As a fashion stylist, how does styling for celebrities differ versus styling for fashion shows?
TH: I'm not only a stylist for fashion shows but I also produce them. When I'm working with a celeb, I'm responsible for the look from head to toe and everything underneath. I try to put a great deal of thought into who my client is, the event that they're attending, and what is our red carpet objective. When I produce a fashion show, I'm responsible for everything from the staging to booking the models, fitting the models and lining up the show as well as booking the hair and makeup teams. I do a lot more screaming when producing a fashion show - it's my responsibility to get the show up and down the runway.
HG: Describe your personal look in five words or less.
TH: I don't think I can! But I will say that I've always been inspired by Diana Vreeland. I loved the way she embraced her look and honed her own style. She was a woman with great confidence and that showed in her fashion.  I've always said 'start trends don't become part of them' and that's really what I try to do.

A peek at some of Tod's swanky shoes!

HG: Who is your dream client?

TH: That's easy, Tilda Swinton. I think she's the most divine woman in the world. I was once at H&M in the Beverly Center, and turned around and there she was - it sent chills down my spine. I've met and worked with a lot of celebrities over the years but for me in that moment I became weak in the knees. Now I never intrude because I respect everyone's privacy but I had to seize the moment. I first apologized for the intrusion which was followed by my babbling as a gushing fan. The one thing I was dying to ask but didn't was what designer she was wearing - I don't think it was H&M!
HG: What are some of the biggest shoe trends for this spring?
TH: Spring's shoe trends are actually all over the map. This is one of the first seasons where we won't really see one consistent trend but a whole lot of everything from pointy-toe to platforms and wedges.
For fashion trends, we'll see a lot of color especially in menswear paired with prints. I actually think that menswear is taking the lead in fashion over women's.
HG: Fill in the blank: my favorite shoes are a pair of _____ because ________.
TH: My lace-up Duckie Brown brogues for Florsheim they're a beautiful shade of sandal-wood brown and I love wearing them with black.
HG: On a final note, what are a few must-have staple pieces for women who work in offices and have to adhere to business attire?
TH: I think every woman needs a black cashmere cardigan. It's a great investment staple and works well paired with day and evening looks. Also a great pair of nude or bone shoes is a must and works equally as well as a black shoe does and in fact disappears at the base making the leg appear elongated.
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