Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Kelli Ellis

Calling all budding interior designers!  Kelli Ellis is the go to maven for anything interior design and how to build your empire.  I had a chance to sit down with her to hear more about her amazing journey.


StilettoGal:   How did you start your company?


Kelli Ellis:  As soon as my daughters started kindergarten, I jumped straight into starting my business on a shoestring. I hung my sign, placed little ads in the local paper, and I was off and running. I had been designing homes throughout college and decided to make it official at the Interior Design Institute. While my girls were in preschool, I studied to earn my certificate. As soon as I had a half day to meet clients, I began building my clientele.


SG:   What has been your biggest failure thus far and how did you overcome it?


KE:  I have never looked at past lesson as failures. Not even the breakup of my first marriage! In business, it was designing with out a contract! Early on (even though I went to Law School!) I got caught with goods my client didn't want after ordering …my family ended up with a lot of expensive furniture!


SG:  What is your proudest moment in business?


KE:  The success of Design Camp has been very exciting and a bright light in my path. My TV career has been instrumental in propelling my career off TV, and of course my new book, "Do I look skinny in this house?" is my latest gem.


SG:   Stiletto Gals are all about giving back, what kinds of things do you do to give back to women?


KE:  I volunteer on a weekly basis at local soup kitchen, and encourage my clients to give their retired furnishings to women's shelters and Habitat for Humanity. and my all female stock car racing team donates a percentage of our proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


SG:  What are three tips that every entrepreneur should know?




1. No one will care as much about your business as much as you


2. Remember you have been hired for your expertise; do not cave.


3. You are only limited by your creativity and willingness to work hard.


SG:   What kind of shoe are you and why?


KE:  I am a metal-clad black leather heel, with peep toes. Sassy, sexy and serious at the same time.


To learn more about Kelli, visit her website below and don't forget to pick up her new book "Do I Look Skinny In This House?"