Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Janis Spindel

Love is not always the easiest thing to find with our busy lives as business women and entrepreneurs, but this Stiletto Gal has made it her life and business of finding love for people across the globe.  Read  her story on how she got started as a matchmaker and the things that inspire her the most as a women entrepreneur.

Stiletto Gal:   How did you become a matchmaker?

Janis Spindel:  I am a people person and love talking to people whenever I go. I was constantly Introducing my friends to each other and they were getting married left, right and center. Finally, after my 14th couple got married, I looked at my husband and said I have to turn this into a business!


SG: Who inspires you and why? 

JS:  Powerful women inspire me. I meet hundreds of women a day and I love hearing their stories. Whether they're survivors of breast cancer and living their live with energy and zest or they're runners who lost an arm in the Boston marathon, they motivate me to be a better person.


SG: What are you most passionate about and why?

JS:  I'm passionate about love and marriage. My husband and I work on our relationship daily. When you find an amazing man, it takes work and a lot of love to keep the relationship alive. I have 2 daughters and I make spending time with them a priority.



SG:  What has been your biggest mistake or failure in business and how did you overcome it?

JS:  Not bringing my husband and eldest daughter into the company earlier. Now, we're officially a family business. My daughter carly Spindel brings a fresh approach to the business and runs the Junior Matchmaking and express matchmaking division and my husband Allen Spindel is the business manager.


SG:   Can you give 3 tips to aspiring entrepreneurs?


1. Believe in yourself

2. Don't give up on your dreams

3. Don't believe in failure. If at first you don't succeed, keep trying until you do.


SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why?

JS:  A bright pink Christian louboutin. It's a mix of elegance and classy, but it still exudes fun.

For more information on Janis and her company, check out her website and her book.