Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Caitlyn Chase

Hey StilettoGals,
Have you ever wanted to turn your side hustle into a business?  This woman knows exactly how to do it.  As Marketing Manager for Glamsquad Los Angeles to running her own business Caviar & Cashmere, Caitlyn Chase has got it down to a science.  We had a chance to sit down with her to learn how she does it all.
StilettoGal:   Who inspires you and why?
Caitlyn Chase:  My mom has always been my biggest inspiration. She is a true example of a woman who can do it all - balancing family, career, friends, health and happiness all with utter poise and resilience. She is the strongest person that I know.
SG:  What are some tips you can give to a new blogger who is looking to do this as a business?
CC:  My advice to aspiring bloggers is always to treat blogging like any other job. Take it seriously and have a plan. There is no easy path to success, and just like any other career, blogging takes hard work, effort, and professionalism.
SG:  What are some steps that you took to monetize your content?
CC:  I did not monetize my content for at least a year when I first started blogging, as I wanted whatever I was putting out there to be authentic and real. I still keep that same standard, only working with brands and companies that I respect and would actually be a consumer of. I think staying true to my own brand attracted other brands to want to work with me, as anything I endorse I stand 100% behind.
SG:   How do you juggle between marketing director at a company to having a side hustle?
CC:  It’s all about time management and balance. I try to devote at least two hours a day to Caviar & Cashmere, whether that  means waking up extra early in the morning, or staying up late to make sure things do not fall by the wayside while  I juggle my full-time job running the marketing for GLAMSQUAD in Los Angeles.
SG:   How do you define success?
CC:  Success is when you wake up excited for the day, and go to sleep smiling at all that you’ve accomplished.
SG:   If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be and why?
CC:  I would have to say firstly “driven," as I’ve always had the fire inside me to succeed. Secondly, “kind” because I believe you cannot have success without kindness. Lastly, “goofy,” which is something not many people would know or expect about me.
SG:   What kind of shoe are you and why?
CC:  I am definitely a 6-inch Christian Louboutin stiletto heel.  My life is a balancing act.