Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Erika De La Cruz



Hey StilettoGals,

We are coming off an amazing couple of days where we made the Amazon #1 Best Seller list in 3 Categories for the Book Passionistas Tips, Tales & Tweetables co authored by Erika De la Cruz and 39 other boss ladies including myself.

If you don't know Erika, you are missing something very special in your life.  This young lady has made an immense impact in my life and others in a very short period of time.  Her enthusiasm and zest for life is addicting.  She is a power house in her own right and has so much more to give than she already has.  We are excited to partner with her for We Inspire Leadership Summit as co-founder and of course Passioniastas: Tips Tales & Tweetables.  We had the chance to sit down with her to hear more about her story and what she has in store for the future.

StilettoGal:  Tell us about yourself and what makes you, you.

Erika:  Hmmmm, What makes me, me? Well, I'm full of happiness- or "Good JU JU" as I call it. I believe first priority should be feeling great and then producing results from THAT “yummy” state. When you’re aligned, so is your action! 🙂

SG:  What gave you the motivation or idea to create Passionistas?

EC:  It’s funny, I was asked to share my personal story in a SUE Talk (Female equivalent of a TEDx in California last year,) it reached thousands and I quickly realized the route to truly inspiring another person is through telling your truth. I wanted to give women who were killing it in their respective industries the chance to tell their true stories with the hope of inspiring up-coming Passionistas and entrepreneurs! I just believed that amazing, successful women would have incredible stories to tell and I wanted to create that platform and community.

Passionista: A Woman who wears her passion on her sleeve, turns her inspiration to revenue and up-lifts and collaborates with like-minded individuals in the process!

SG:  What is some advice you can give to new entrepreneurs or women in business?

EC:  Hmm, while I’m the first to affirm the value of a great idea, the *action portion is what really counts. There are incredible ideas everywhere, everyday- the difference in success is the follow through!

SG:  What are three words that describe you and why?

Energetic: I’m told I have quite the battery haha!

Love: I believe if we were all cut into a million pieces, in each piece, we’d find love insideJ I know it’s not typical to talk about in business, but a love for people, love for your industry and love for your craft makes for the best (and most fulfilling) collaborations and results. It really eliminates scarce mentality!

A BOSS: I think I’m naturally a leader and it’s really helped in building my brand.

SG:  How do you define success?

EC:  Happiness, Living your “Perfect Day” for the most part- every day, because you designed it that way. Whatever that looks like for you!

SG:  What has been your biggest challenge thus far? Your biggest win?

EC:  My biggest challenge has definitely been asking for help, really enlisting people to take part in the vision as I started my career was really scary for me. I was raised to be extremely “polite” and in most circumstances, that’s served me well, but when when it came to asking for help building my brand, I struggled with that for so long. Glad to say it’s easier now. *Specifically after surrounding myself with amazing, up-lifting peers!

My biggest win has definitely been owning my priorities in BUSINESS. Positively impacting others and building something great- those are always my first priorities, generating revenue comes second. Of course, you need to monetize in business and I’ve found that the most success has come when those first two components were aligned.

SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why?

EC:  Hmmm, I’m not saying I WEAR this shoe, in fact- I don’t even own it. (I’m usually in heels) BUT, if I had to choose a “spirit shoe” I would probably be a Pink Ked J. They are cute, sleek and happy.

The book is now for sale on Amazon.