The One Style Tip to Master in 2017


Rich Schmitt Photography 027 copyThe One Style Tip You Need to Master in 2017


With the new year underway, it’s important that we continue set the stage for the 2017 to come—not just to be prepared for what we can’t control, but to prepare ourselves for what we can control, too. As women, entrepreneurs and all-out empowered Stiletto Gals, we are the masters of our bodies, our minds, our actions and our destinies. So, with a new and uncertain world ahead of us, it’s time for us to get clear and certain about our goals, our dreams and the steps we’ll take to push through. Glass ceilings were meant to be broken, and 2017 will be our year to do it in our own lives. But where to start?

You start each and every morning.

Every morning, you have a choice: to honor yourself, chart your destiny and style yourself in an outfit that makes you feel powerful; or to succumb to insecurity and doubt and just put on that same outfit you’ve been wearing on repeat all month. We’ve all been there. As a certified image consultant and personal stylist, I see this morning struggle happen for my clients, my colleagues, my friends, my family and even myself. We let our life and energy exhaustion get the best of us and our wardrobes. Over time, we lose touch with our bodies, we lose touch with our clothes and we lose touch with our personal style.

But without style, where is our confidence? And without confidence, where is our style?   They go hand in hand. And there is major step you can call take that will set the stage of your day ahead and the course of your life every day forward. This is the shift we should all make a priority in 2017.

It’s to find our own stylepowerment.  

Stylepowerment is the concept of honoring yourself by dressing to be the dynamic, powerful, beautiful, game-changing woman that you are. Stylepowerment is getting dressed each and every day with intention and direction in mind. Stylepowerment is to using wardrobe as a means to feel brighter, more vibrant and more beautiful everyday. Style is different and unique for everyone and it’s up to you to discover the styles that support those feelings.


Here are a few ways to get started:


  • Clean out your closet and getting back in touch with what you own and what you love. When you clear out old energy it makes room for something positive and new.
  • Treat yourself to a new power outfit that has style versatility. Who ever said you should be saving a piece of clothing for a special occasion? Instead, wear that favorite power dress on a Tuesday, just because! Why? Because why not?! You get to make your own rules now.
  • Do one thing unexpected each day when getting dressed. Pass on the basic black shoes and opt for nude, color or pattern.
  • Add accessories to your look for additional style definition, creativity and flair. They always make the outfit.
  • Spend a few extra minutes on your beauty regimen. How you see yourself in the mirror is as important as how you feel in your wardrobe. Giving yourself that extra self-care and love empowers your outfit even more.


So, when you get dressed every morning, are you empowering yourself with your experience or diminishing yourself?   Whatever the answer is for you, acknowledge it and the make a pledge to take steps to move forward. Empower yourself and empower your style. Wear what makes you feel beautiful; accessorize in a way that makes you feel unique; rock a high heel just because you can. You can instantly change your energy vibration of your day by giving yourself the gift of creativity, time, and self-love. Now, imagine what your life would feel and look like if you had that kind of experience every day you get dressed. That’s right. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

So how will you create your own stylepowerment in 2017? Share with us!