Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Caroline D’Amore


Hey Stilettogals,
Did you know that tomorrow is National Pizza Day?  I have to say that this post couldn't come at a better time.  I had the opportunity to watch this powerhouse hold her own on a recent BRAVO show.  She is smart, business savvy and knows how to take a family business and turn it into a huge success. 
Stilettogal:   What motivated you to start your business and follow this career path?
Caroline D'amore:  My love and passion for food and cooking came full circle. My family business has always been pizza so my love for food grew while I grew up. Years and years in the pizza shop (D'amores Famous Pizzawith my family made me gravitate towards cooking and owning my own pizza shop. Now as an adult having my own family the food that was around me everyday has reignited my love and passion for cooking and making my own pizza shop and catering business a success.
SG:   What are three tips you can give to women who is deciding to start a new business/career path?
1) Make sure to love what you do, then it should not feel like work.
2)Have a strong work ethic, nothing great comes easy.
3) Learn all you can about your craft so you understand all avenues of what you are doing.
SG:   What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them?
Caroline: Learning how to step outside of the box and be a boss. Changing my way of thinking and  knowing what is right for my business and not getting caught up in one way of thinking. I couldn’t get upset about all the small things that went wrong, I had to look at the bigger picture to be able to push past the small things.  Finally, training myself to be a master at delegating tasks to get the job done and be successful.
SG:  What are some unique things you have done to promote your work and mission?
Caroline:  Never underestimate the power of samples and deals for your customers. Standing outside and talking to the customer base giving them a sample of what they would get if they were to come into the store. Catering great events all over Hollywood and being on location myself as the owner to make sure the product I put out was perfect and my image I represent is exactly what I want. Having gift certificates in the Grammy gift bags of 2017. Several hundred celebrities received gift certificates for a free pizza.
Knowing that I am promoting a family business and hard work is the mission I was out there.
SG:   How do you define success?
Caroline:  When a business can pay for itself and then some is of course a complete success, but its not only about the monetary reward. Success for me is based on my customers enjoying the product and image I represent. Making sure my customer base comes back and feels at home with us and knowing my family is proud of the work I do.
SG:   What legacy would you like to leave?
Caroline:  When it comes to D’Amore’s Famous Pizza I hope to carry on my fathers legacy of pizza and family. As for my personal legacy I hope to show my daughter what a good work ethic and family can do for you. These things are a great foundation of a wonderful life, a life that I lead today.

SG:   What kind of shoe are you and why? 

Caroline:  A combat boot. Your able to be durable in any situation yet still be fashionable for day to day life.

If you haven't been to D'amore Pizza, I highly recommend it.  Since tomorrow is National Pizza Day, make a fun trip out of it.