Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Harriet Ploeger


HeyUntitled design (12) Stilettogals,

I was lucky enough to meet an incredible business woman in the beauty industry while curating our last Boss Box.  Harriet Ploeger has created a very successful 32 year career for herself in one of the most cut throat and fast paced industries in the world. I had a chance to sit down with her to talk about her career ups and downs.

Stilettogal:   How did you get into your industry?

Harriet Ploeger:  I am a 32 year veteran in the industry.  Beauty has always been my passion and my goal was to work for Chanel from a very young age, therefore I studied Medical Cosmetology and  worked  during my studies in a beauty salon.  I then went into  sales at the perfumery since this all was a requirement for employment at Chanel .  Once, I had the experience needed to work for Chanel, I started working for them and gained invaluable experience that helped sky rocket my career.  The experience gave me the base to my further  career in many fields of the beauty industry including sales, marketing and product development.
SG:  What do you like most about what you do? 

HP:  After 32 years I am still very passionate about almost all that I do especially presenting, creating products and marketing concepts.  Interacting with mostly woman from all around the world is a true pleasure and very inspirational.
SG:   What have been your biggest wins?

HP:  Big or small wins are both equally important to me nowadays.  My biggest wins are when I get to see products that I have created sold in retail.

SG:   What challenges have you faced and how have they shaped the way you are today?

HP:  The beauty industry is a business that is not all glitter and gold, looking back through times of failure is difficult to handle but later on it turns out that my failures have been very helpful in the advancement of my career.
SG:   What are some tips you can give to women starting out?


  1. Never give up if you are passionate, persistent
  2. Educate yourself as you progress through your career
  3. Hard work
  4. Surround yourself with professionals for advice.

SG:   Do you believe in mentors and if so, do you believe they are important?

HP:  Hugely important I have had a few mentors  in my life who taught so many things that I have been able to implement into my own career.

SG:   What kind of shoe are you and why?

HP:  I am a high heel girl it gives me a good uplifting feeling about myself and fits to the way I dress.

To learn more about Harriet's company, go to www.instytutum.com

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