Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Sarah McDaniel


Hey StilettoGals,

We are excited to interview the fabulous Sarah McDaniel this week.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but beautiful inside.  Her dream is to help cure pain and cancer using CBD and help children learn through entertainment.  What a great way to use your influencer power Sarah!
StilettoGal:  What motivated you to start your career / business?


Sarah McDaniel: When I was seventeen, Instagram had just launched.  the term "Instagram influencers" didnt  exist yet, since the platform was so new.  I started posting photos for fun and began star to gain a following.  I noticed there was actually something to this it clicked in my head that this could be a way to take control of my life as an independent.  I began working with professional photographers and videographers to help build my portfolio. The professional shots really helped increase my following on social media, which led to the other amazing opportunities like modeling with Guess.   My meeting with Theo Wenner was a turning point in my otherwise amateur modeling career. He invited me to be a part of projects he was working on, including starring in the music video for “Summer Breaking” by Tame Impala. While in the Bahamas shooting this, Theo and I discovered how much of our lives were actually very similar such as  raiding the hotel kitchen where we were staying and spent all night discussing the moon landing. Funny how life works because around it was a week later that Theo had abruptly informed me that I would be the first non-nude playboy model.

Modeling is always fun however, I wasn't getting enough substance form my brain. I've since expanded to a couple of my other passions such as, stop-motion filmography and my CBD oil line, Walagoot. I created a fun short animated series featuring a rabbit known as “The Professor” which I created in partnership with Movie Mountain Studios. We are now working on a cyclops character for our next series.

In terms of my oil line, I used to struggle with acne as a teenager. After trying Accutane, over-the-counter medication and every fad on the market with no results, I knew there had to be something else. Something natural. Cannabis. I partnered with a friend in Colorado who recommended the proper mix of oils, and then I added some personal touches and Walagoot was born!


SG:  What are three tips you can give to women  deciding to start their own business or a new career path?


  1. Follow your gut. If something makes you feel put off it probably won't work out.
  2. Don’t be afraid to fail. Everyone does. It’s just a learning process.
  3. Work through your laziness.


SG:  What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them?

SM:  For one, I’m a young female in the cannabis and entertainment industry. I’ve noticed that it’s hard to get taken seriously, as ridiculous as that may sound in 2018, but it’s true. Here’s an example: I had a meeting with some executives and I went in with this idea. I thought it was a great idea, but I got no reaction from it. There were basically crickets in the room when I left. However, my male friend who works in movies and entertainment, pitched it for me and got a different reaction.   He received rave reviews for the exact same idea!

I also contribute to Huffington Post and Futurism on occasion on various science topics. Again, as a young female, no one took me serious initially. I had to prove that I actually knew what I was talking about before people began to trust my work.   Everyone is always trying to give you advice about not doing a specific entertainment project or not to do my CBD oil.  I’ve learned that at the end of the day YOU know what’s best for yourself. Follow you own intuition! If something doesn’t feel right or you don’t feel passionate towards something, don’t do it because you won’t enjoy it.


SG:  What are some unique things you have done to promote your business/yourself?


SM:  My CBD oil line is fairly new, so I’m not doing mass promotion quite yet. I also just partnered with a major brand to help elevate my oil line, so more details to come on that!  However, I have been vigorously giving out samples locally in order to study the results on different types of skin. From oily/ combo to mature or hormonal skin its been having great responses.


SG:  How do you define success?

SM:  Success is a feeling. Success to me is being healthy and making enough money to travel and learn new things and continue to expand in all aspects of my life.


SG:   What legacy would you like to leave?

 SM:  I would love for my stop-motion projects to last for years to come. I want kids and adults alike to enjoy my videos and learn something from them as well.

I’d also love for my work in the CBD space to lead to breakthroughs in herbal treatment for pain and cancer patients.


SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why?  

SM:  I'm not really a shoe person. But if I was a shoe maybe a nice sandal.