Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Jane Pak

Jane Pak, CEO of NAWBO-LA

"CEO, NAWBO-LA, Executive MBA Candidate at USC. Huffington Post Blogger, Pot stirrer, feather ruffler, envelope pusher, general trouble maker for good."

If any of you Stiletto Gals reside in the Los Angeles area, you know that Jane Pak is a force to be reckoned with. As her Twitter bio above describes, Jane is the CEO of NAWBO-LA, one of the chapters in the National Association of Women Business Owners. She also blogs with The Huffington Post, discussing everything from the art of persuasion to why every chief executive needs a chief of staff, and in her spare time is an executive MBA graduate at USC - and she does it all in high heels!

I was lucky enough to steal Jane away for a few moments for a quick interview on what walking a mile in her shoes is really like and what every woman starting out as an entrepreneur needs to know (and I mean, really know.)

HG: Tell me in two to three sentences what NAWBO-LA does.

JP: NAWBO-LA helps women grow their businesses. Anything and everything we do is held to a simple standard: when you walk into a NAWBO-LA event, you will be welcomed and included. When you walk out of a NAWBO-LA event, you will have taken with you useful business knowledge, relationships, and information.

HG: What's an unexpected business lesson you learned from?

JP: Not so much unexpected, but definitely memorable. I remember the moment I understood the concept of net present value. It changed the way I looked at business entirely and helped shape my ability to become a strategic thinker.

Jane rocking a pair of Gucci pumps - Stiletto Gal loves it!

HG: Let's switch it over into high heel gear - what was your biggest shoe splurge?

JP: A pair of Chloe patent and python pumps. I had to ship to a friend in NYC who had to bring the shoes with her when she came to visit me in LA since python is prohibited for sale in California.

HG: Fill in the blank: my favorite shoes are ___________

JP: A pair of old Gringo boots because they are super comfortable and unique from any other shoe or boot I have. I get more compliments when I wear my old Gringos than any pair of Prada heels any day of the week!

HG: What are 3 quick (and preferably daily) tips that women starting out as entrepreneurs or even already established in business can use to their advantage?

JP: 1) Always have a handle on your cash flow - don't let your finances get away from you.

2) Don't negotiate against yourself.

3) No is just a request for more information. Don't let a "no" stop you from getting a "yes."

Follow Jane on Twitter here and check out her column on the Huffington Post here! For more information on NAWBO and to see where a chapter is in your city, visit the official NAWBO website.