Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Kalika Nacion Yap

Kalika Nacion Yap, Creative Director at Citrus Studios.

Board of Directors at Entrepreneur's Organization... Creative Director behind Citrus Studios... CEO at Luxe Link ... is there anything entrepreneur extraordinaire Kalika Nacion Yap doesn't do? The Santa Monica based CEO is used to wearing many hats in her day to day work life - or as Stiletto Gals prefer, many stilettos! Today we're taking a walk in her shoes, focusing on what being a creative director at a bustling design agency is all about and how to constantly keep your creative (and professional) lightbulb on.

Hillary Gadsby: Give me two to three sentences on what you do and what Citrus Studios does.

Kalika Nacion Yap: I am the Creative Director of the site which is a full service interactive design agency that works to transform businesses online using brand strategy, logo and graphic design, social media marketing and web design and development among many other additional services.

HG: Since forming Citrus Studios in 1999, how has the business landscape changed for women?

KNY: There's a huge focus on mobile today and responsive web design.

HG: What's do you do to keep inspired and stay creative on a daily basis?

KNY: I recommend visiting museums on a regular basis and joining groups with like minded individuals (like EO and NAWBO) so you can learn from other industries.  You should also definitely take entrepreneur courses to understand business even better.

HG: What's an unexpected business lesson you learned a great deal from?

KNY: Be fair to yourself - and always have a contract in place.

HG: Fill in the blank: my favorite shoes are a pair of _____ because ________.

KNY: Michael Kors high heels because they're super comfortable!

HG: What has been your biggest shoe splurge?

KNY: Has to be Manolo Blahnik!

HG: What three pieces of advice would you offer for women looking to pursue working in the design business?

KNY: 1) Continually stay on top of trends by reading up on everything related to design.

2) Figure our profitability and margins early on.

3) Know how to price your projects!

Check out Kalika’s Twitter page for Citrus Studios here! For more information on Kalika and to get started working with Citrus Studios, visit her website.