Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Beth Stockwell

Beth Stockwell, V.P. of Marketing and Business Development at Beachy Cream

One of the vendors at the celebration for my 5 years in business event last Thursday arrived with ice cream sandwiches and pretty pin-up girls to hand them out to the guests present and today, we're taking a stroll in the shoes of Beth Stockwell, V.P. of Marketing and Business Development for Beachy Cream. An organic ice cream shop based out of Santa Monica, Beachy Cream is all about pulling a twist on sweet treats and I spoke to Beth about Beachy Cream's pin-up inspiration, how she got into the ice cream industry, and her motto on always heading "onward and upward."

Hillary Gadsby: How did you decide to start up an ice cream business?

Beth Stockwell: My mother and business partner, Ann came up with the original concept for Beachy Cream.  Her inspiration came from summers growing up on Cape Cod, the hip, surf community of Malibu where she lives and a dedication to eating organic foods.  We still visit with family every summer on the Cape and make my great-grandmother's famous molasses spice cookies and our cousin's candied ginger ice cream.  About three and a half years ago, my mother decided to combine the two (using only organic ingredients) and voila! The Ginger Wipeout organic ice cream sandwich was born.  I partnered with her soon after, and together, we've grown the business into what it is today--a booming wholesale, retail and event business.

HG: Beachy Cream has a fun pin-up twist included with ice cream – tell me more about what that is!

BS: When we created the branding for Beachy Cream, we wanted it to have a fun, retro twist and we thought, what better way to celebrate this era than with pin-up girls?  Whether passing our signature organic ice cream sandwiches at events or scooping up ice cream sundaes at our store in Santa Monica, our pin-up girls bring an element of entertainment that, coupled with our delicious ice cream, makes us the coolest food company around!

HG: What is the worst thing that ever happened to you in business and how did you overcome it?

BS: The worst thing that has ever happened to us was placing our first order of packaging and finding out (a little too late) it was the wrong size!  It was an order of about 100,000 packages, bought and paid for, that we had to arrange to have recycled--at a huge cost!  We placed a new order but the stress and disappointment of the first order lingered for a long time.  That being said, our motto is always 'onward and upward' so we never stay down for long.

Beth's pretty wedges - love 'em!

HG: What kind of shoe are you and why?

BS: If I was a shoe, I'd be a wedge--stylish, feminine yet practical, and always ready for rocky terrain!

HG: Name one (or two!) people you look up to that inspire you.

BS: My husband, Sean and six-year old daughter, Ava are my biggest inspiration.  They keep me grounded and help to motivate me to keep working hard to grow Beachy Cream.  I couldn't do it without them.  They are my biggest supporters and Beachy Cream's biggest fans!

HG: What are your 3 biggest passions in life?

BS: My three biggest passions are spending time with my family-I have amazing parents - my mom, dad, stepmom (yes, they all get along!) and brother are a really fun bunch and when we get together it's all laughs!  Exercise is also very important to me; hiking, tennis and yoga all keep me centered and give me a much needed break.  Last, but certainly not least, my job as V.P. of marketing and business development at Beachy Cream is like my other child - I want to nurture it and give it everything it needs to grow and thrive!

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