Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels, Editor-in-Chief at Play On Words

Yesterday I was able to review some fabulous beauty products from Sarah Daniels, editor-in-chief at Play on Words, and couldn't wait to start walking a mile in her shoes. Today, she gives me the heads up on what Play on Words is and how she started up the company, her biggest grammar pet peeve, and how when it comes to branding facts tell, but stories sell.

Hillary Gadsby: What drew you in to working in the editing and publishing industry?

Sarah Daniels: Quite simply, I love words.  After college, I knew I wanted to pursue a writing career, so I went on to USC to get my master’s degree in Professional Writing.  After that, I started out as a textbook editor.  Talk about jumping into the deep end!

HG: How did you first start up Play on Words and what all does the agency do for its clients?

SD: I started Play On Words after years in corporate America.  I really wanted to help small- and mid-sized businesses in a meaningful way, through targeted copy.  Today, Play On Words is in the business of increasing each client’s profitability through content development, communications strategy, and creative services.

Facts tell, but stories sell. To that end, we use words, messaging, and storytelling to make a brand memorable.  From concept to copy, we can write an article, press release, or web page just as easily as we can edit a book, create a catchphrase, or shape a social media presence.

HG: As an editor, what’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to grammar or spelling errors?

SD: I can’t stand it when I see “you’re and your” misused.  I really have to check my ego at the door when it comes to Facebook… and just let it slide.  ; )  I’m also a big fan of the serial comma.

A look at Sarah's shoe pile - a sea of gorgeous wedges!

HG: You’re also an adjunct professor at Woodbury University. Is it hard to manage both jobs or have you been able to find a balance between work-life-more work?

SD: I’m a work hard/play hard kind of person.  It’s a huge part of the reason I named my business “Play On Words.”  I really strive for work/life balance, and definitely make my family and friends a priority in my life.  Luckily, when you love what you do, every day is a Friday!

HG: What kind of shoe are you most like?

SD: I’m definitely a black platform cork wedge: classic and super stylish, yet comfortable.

HG: What three things are you most passionate about?

SD: I adore my family, my friends, and my Australian Shepherds (Moose and Mick).


Ready to start working with some of the best and brightest writers around? Check out Play On Words here, visit their Facebook page, and tweet with them on Twitter @WePlayOnWords!