Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor, editor at Stilettogal.com

Today's walk a mile in her shoes is heading behind the scenes here at Stilettogal and highlighting my editor, Heather Taylor who works to edit all of the posts featured on my blog each week. But this is hardly the only job Heather has - she is the wearer of many hats as a social media manager for MyCorporation.com by day, and freelance writer with sites like BettyConfidential.com, HelloGiggles.com, and our own Stilettogal by night! Today, I got to chat with her about how she manages her time between all of her jobs, what some of her favorite interview moments were on these sites, and the eternal question that I always like to ask all of my Stiletto Gals: what shoe she'd describe herself as!

Hillary Gadsby: You seem to be quite a chameleon Heather! How do you juggle all of the work you do each day? What are the secrets in doing freelance writing and holding a full time position at MyCorp?

Heather Taylor: I’ve always loved writing and try to do it every day in as many ways as I can. My freelance work is a lot more laid back with less structured due dates in place so when I do write for those outlets, I try to make sure it’s about something I feel passionately about or are really excited for. I don’t like to write to fill in a daily quota or fulfill a press release sent over from a PR person. I try to write articles that I myself would be interested in clicking on to find out more on and that also speak to people within the same profession or circumstance. I do social media all day long though – can’t stop and won’t stop tweeting!

HG: You have had the opportunity to interview some great people.  What was the most fun and exciting interview you have done?

HT: I have a pretty awesome interview with Yael Cohen, the founder of F**k Cancer going live on Friday on HelloGiggles. Yael is a 26 year old CEO of a charity that puts an emphasis on humanizing cancer and encouraging an active discussion on it – learning as much as you can about early detection and prevention too. When I spoke to her, you could feel her passion for the cause all around you and that makes conducting an interview even better.

Another fun interview I did was on BettyConfidential with actress Lily Collins, who is the daughter of Phil Collins. Lily is very articulate but also has a great sarcastic sense of humor which is pretty rare to hear when you interview celebrities – they’re more soft-spoken than anything else.

HG: Name one person you look up to that inspires you.

HT: I’m really inspired by anyone who works hard and is passionate about what they do and how they do it. A lot of men and women alike in my life fit this bill so I could never just have one person to look up to – I’m always going to meet more cool people each and every day!

HG: What kind of shoe are you and why?

HT: I have a blush colored pair of heels I got from Target over the summer and I absolutely love them. They go with so much of my wardrobe!

HG: What are your 3 biggest passions in life?

HT: Writing, which I’ll always have a love/hate relationship with and always feel at my most challenged.

Laughing and making jokes with friends and family – no matter how difficult life can be, there’s usually a pun you can silver lining out of it.

Fashion – anytime I move, the first room that gets fully unpacked into is always the closet!

Follow Heather on Twitter @howveryheather and check out her posts on HelloGiggles here!