Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Stefanie Nissen

Stefanie Nissen, Founder and Personal Stylist at Fashionable Inspirations

Last week, I invited one of the chicest ladies I know, the founder and personal stylist of Fashionable Inspirations Stefanie Nissen, to guest post on Stilettogal about what must haves need to be in your fall wardrobe this year. This week, we're taking a walk in her absolutely fabulous stilettos and getting the scoop firsthand on what being personal stylist is like, why you should always try on clothes in stores before you buy them, and her special offer available for all Stiletto Gals!

Hillary Gadsby: How did you discover your calling as a personal stylist?

Stefanie Nissen: I’ve been a designer of women’s wear, from denim, to high-end apparel, but realized that the most satisfaction I got from the job was when I styled the photoshoots of the product. I decided to branch out from fashion design and got into styling. I landed a great job with a company where we trained and certified stylists to start their own businesses. I fell in love with styling the everyday women and got so much satisfaction in empowering women to feel confident in their own skin in a style that truly represents them. I knew this was my calling and started my own business! 

HG:What are some of the most common styling mistakes you see women who work in professional settings making and how can they fix them?

SN: A big mistake women make is not trying items on before they purchase and then going home and trying to make it work even if it doesn’t fit. This is a big mistake because not only are they wasting money, but also they are wearing clothes that don’t flatter their body types. Always try items on to see how it looks on your body, to see if the color works for you and most importantly, if it makes you feel confident. 

HG: What is the worst thing that ever happened to you in business and how did you overcome it?

SN: Knock on wood, I haven't had anything horrible happen to my business. I would say the hardest struggle has been finding women who want and appreciate my services. I find that people are hesitant of committing, but when they do they realize it's a wonderful discovery process that transforms them, helps them gain extreme confidence and saves them money in the long term because they have a clear understanding of the image they are projecting.

HG: What kind of shoe are you most like?

SN: I'm definitely a statement stiletto gal. This heel describes me well because I like interesting, unexpected details and shoes that have a sassy, yet stylish personality. I'd wear these with black skinny jeans and a sheer sexy top for a hot date! 

HG: What three things should everyone do to make the best first impression possible?

SN: Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. You should know three things:

1) Know what looks good on your body type.

2) Wear colors that look great on your skin tone, hair and eyes.

3) Wear items that represent your personality. If you'd like to know more check out my services here!

I have a special offer JUST for Stiletto Gals! Take 20% Off the initial Style Consultation. You'd receive a 1.5 hour consultation which includes, a body type analysis where we'd determine your body type and what items look best on you (including a booklet that gives you many examples). A color analysis that would determine if you look best in warm or cool colors and what colors really look incredible on you (including a personal color palette you can take shopping + a booklet). Lastly, we'd determine your style personality through my style assessment and we'll determine a look that expresses who you are from the inside out (including a booklet)! Just mention StilettoGals when you e-mail me at stefanie@fashionableinspirations.com and we'll set up an intro call so I can answer all your questions and learn more about you. 

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