Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Dee Bowthorpe

I have been working with Dee for the past few weeks shooting a new TV show called Fashionista Now Boarding launching in early June this year.  In the short time, we have been working together, I am impressed with her attention to detail and her drive to make women look amazing.  Not only does she make me look beautiful every week, but she gives great beauty tips to her clients on how to be the best they can be.


Stiletto Gal:   How did you start Swell Beauty?


DB:  I always have had a passion for beauty and making women feel beautiful. At a young age of 4, I was doing my own hair and using a curling iron. I had the opportunity to do my first professionial wedding at 14 years old!. I continued my passion for beauty and hair when I gradated from the Paul Mitchell Acadamy 12 years ago.   My education, experience and dream to one day have my own hair and make up business became reality when I started my company Swell Beauty 4 years ago. I built my company from the ground up with the support of my friends and family, almost 4 years later, with a team of talented artists, we have been apart of over 450 weddings, 6 destination weddings, have been featured on a reality Tv Show " MY Fair Wedding" with David Tutera, print work for wedding designers and clothing lines, newspapers, many blogs and websites. Currently, my team & I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary this month opening my bridal hair & makeup salon in Laguna Beach. My salon accommodates all special occasion services, & now sells our own collection of Veils and Accessories.  My dreams don't stop here, I plan to open a Swell Beauty Venue in the near future....so be on the look out!!!


SG:  Who inspires you and why?


 DB:  I am inspired by music, art and fashion in my daily hair and makeup jobs, but most importantly, growing up, my father was a entrepreneur and I witnessed his passion, drive, hard work & love to follow his dreams. He definitely inspired me to follow my dreams & never give up.


SG:  What are you most passionate about and why?


DB:  I am most passionate about following my dreams and growing my business into a successful company worldwide, so all women can feel beautiful .  My passion is constant when doing hair and makeup.  It comes so natural to me. It is such a great feeling to see a bride on her biggest day of her life or any client look at herself and smile.



SG:   What has been your biggest mistake or failure in business and how did you overcome it?



DB:   I wouldn’t call my challenges, mistakes or failures, I would say that they are learning experiences. Many times, my dream has been challenged and I have always taken those experiences as motivation to grow a better business for my clients, become a better business owner and more importantly strive to be a better hair and makeup artist.  Building  an amazing team of artists to grow with me has been my key to success.  When running a business and something doesn’t work a certain way the first time, you can acknowledge it, then you are able to open up your mind to learn from it and grow.



SG:  Can you give 3 tips to aspiring entrepreneurs?


DB:  If I can give any advise at all.

  •  Don't give up
  •  Work like you have never worked before in your life
  • Network like crazy
  • Don't let anyone or anything question your dream
  • Follow your passion
  • Do what you love.  When you are making money doing what you love, it really isn’t work.


SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why? 


DB:  I would say I am a Dolce Vita Shoe...Because its Detailed, Confident & Sassy



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