Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Candice Bar

Hey Stiletto Gals!

StilettoGal and Candice

There are very few people in this world who truly understand people and how to connect them and they are called Master Networkers.  I recently had the opportunity to meet Candice Bar who happens to be one them.  She doesn't have a website as she is so exclusive, only referrals are welcome.


StilettoGal: Tell us about your company and how you got started


Candice Bar: My company Vision Aries Network started about 5 years ago after I had desolved my chain of networking groups. Old members started to contact me asking me to network and connect for them. I thought..I've never heard of that before, I could do that. That's my business! That's my life's purpose. I just seemed so clear.


SG:   Who inspires you and why?


CB:  My clients inspire me. They are so passionate about what they do and I have a real need and want to see them succeed. Truly.


SG:   What are some challenges you have had and how did you overcome them?


CB:  In the beginning I had priced myself way to low. One of my clients helped me see my niche and my value.  You are as much as you think you are. Thanks to her since then, I had increased my prices 7x. I can proudly say I am expensive. I'm OK with that.


SG:   What are some tips you can give to new entrepreneurs?


CB:  One big tip I would give new entrepreneurs is to really value their time. Not every event is worth it, not ever meeting is worth it. Not everyone is worth having a meeting with. Be very selective who gets to be in your space and get your attention.


SG:   What do you want your legacy to be?


CB:  Its my lifes mission to connect the world. We are already at an international level and I just want to expand more and more.  There are only 17 master connectors in the world so I feel privileged to be one of them.  Magic is being made when you connect the right people together. I just want to help continue the magic for as long as possible. Vision Aries Network is not just a company I see it becoming a great enterprise.


SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why?


CB:  I would say I'm the Cinderella shoe by Jimmy Choo. It just resonates with me. The first time I saw them my heart skipped a beat for a second, lol.