Walk A Mile in Their Shoes: Marti Hines & Lola Wood

Marti Hines & Lola Wood

Hey Stilettogals,

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with some fabulous women, the founders of  WanderLuxxe, a luxury concierge company focus on film festivals.  If you ever wanted to learn more about the glitz and glamour of hollywood, these ladies have the inside scoop.


Stilettogal:  What motivated you to start your business and follow this career path?

Marti: Having worked in the film and events industry for over a decade, starting a company like WanderLuxxe which provides access to this unique world was an easy decision.

 Lola: After experiencing Cannes, I was excited to provide access to the festival as well as the others - Sundance and Tribeca - realizing that to have the best experience requires more than making travel arrangements and showing up during the fests.  As we began curating the packages we were to provide, it was really fun to see the pieces come together and once WanderLuxxers were on the ground, I really enjoyed seeing all of our hard work come into fruition.

SG:  What are three tips you can give to women who is deciding to start a new business/career path?

Marti: Do your research, know your competitors, and create a strong team around you.  You have a lot of work ahead of you, stay fearless and don’t doubt yourself.

 Lola: Think about the market needs and how you can fulfill them. What can you offer that no one else can?  How can you capitalize on your background and experience to provide potential clients with what they are seeking?  Really determine what tools are needed to be successful, whether that be public relations, marketing or even administrative help to keep everything running smoothly.

SG:   What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them?

 Marti: Being an entrepreneur means wearing all hats and playing with the puzzle of finding enough time in the day to get it all done! Working in the film industry especially means that timelines are constantly pushed back and things change on a dime; there's never a dull moment.

Lola: There is a significant learning curve with starting a business. It is not just designing the experiences for our members but also managing the legal and financial aspects of operating a business.  So outside of working to create experiences, we are also very involved with the day to day of making sure we have a business model that works.  We are passionate about WanderLuxxe and are excited to see it thrive.

SG: What are some unique things you have done to promote your work and mission?

Marti: Hosting our signature events have brought a lot of attention.  The A listers we have gotten are always a surprise to people and makes them even more excited to attend the next event.

 Lola: We have activated at each of the festivals a signature event.  It has  helped us to quickly become known throughout the festival world. We have more interest in all of our programming this year, in large part to people wanting to be involved with what WanderLuxxe is doing after attending or hearing about our events.

SG:  How do you define success?

Marti: being surrounded by loved ones

 Lola: Being able to say no.  That is when we have really achieved success.  Often in new business ventures, the founders find themselves in a position where they have to accept every opportunity, every offer because they need to continue to fuel their business or to remain relevant in their space.  I believe we will be truly successful when we can look at an opportunity and say no without worrying about the consequences.

SG: What legacy would you like to leave?

Marti: Using my success to leave this world in a better place, to be a leader that creates more opportunities for people that might not normally have a chance to have their own business.

Lola: I would like to serve as a mentor and inspiration to other young black women who are thinking outside the box in terms of how to find their way along their career path.  Black women are a force to be reckoned with and I want to continue to see black women grow and build.

SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why? 

Marti: Black Python Leather Platform- solid, fierce, demands your attention

Lola: Strapy stiletto with fur pom pom - feminine, luxurious