Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Alexandra Lasky

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Owner of Los Angeles based influencer marketing agency The influence, Alexandra Lasky has over fifteen years of experience in the industry, kicking off her career as a junior publicist in the fashion and lifestyle space in 2002 in New York. Her agency The influence, which she established in November of 2016, focuses on influencer marketing in the form of public relations, talent booking, social media consulting, and experiential events. They work with clients across the hospitality, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, nonprofit and film space, covering all facets of entertainment.  We had the opportunity to sit with her to learn more about what it's like to start your own company and the world of influencers.

 Stilettogal: What motivated you to start your business and follow this career path?

Alexandra Lasky:  To be honest, I was not looking to open an agency, and was very happy at the time with the company (SHADOW PR) that I was at for the 9 years prior to founding The Influence (www.theinfluence.com)...but when I was approached by an investor and presented with the opportunity to start my own company and pave my own path, it was something I knew I had to do, and therefore embarked on the next chapter of my career. It was not an easy decision, but I took a leap of faith and knew it was the right move. After only a few weeks of planning, I created The Influence, and I am proud to say we just recently celebrated our one year anniversary. We have had an incredible first year, and we are extremely excited for our future.

SG:  What are FOUR tips you can give to women who are deciding to start a new business/career path?


1) While you want to weigh all elements and make sure it is the right decision, you also have to be confident in yourself, and your ability to succeed.

2) You have to remember you are only one person, and can only do so much. It is important to build a team around you that you can trust, teach and rely on, and be okay delegating projects to. Delegating is key.

3) Be prepared to put in the time and the work. You are the driving force, so you need to know that there will be a lot of late nights and long hours as you establish yourself.

4) Remember to take time for yourself. Whether it is vacation, a day at the spa, a beach day, or even just a fitness class, it is important to give yourself a break. Take care of yourself and enjoy your life. Relaxation and happiness is a key to success. Your mind must be in a clear space to operate at its best ability.

SG:  What are some unique things you have done to promote your work and mission?

AL:  We have been so lucky and honored to have worked on so many amazing projects over the last year with so many incredible brands, individuals and influencers. From YSL Beauty and Alaia fragrance launches early in 2017 to influencer programming throughout the year with retail giants such as PacSun, Forever 21, Bedhead, Rocket Dog, Dunkin Donuts and Marriott Hotels, to helping launch and establish new brands such as Prey Swim, WanderLuxxe concierge service, The Glam App, Carbonadi Vodka, Marajo haircare and more, it truly has been a whirlwind. We had the pleasure to integrate our agency services at well respected festivals such Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Lollapalooza, Miami Swim Week, Art Basel and Coachella, and work with nonprofit organizations such as Race To Erase MS. So many incredible activations with so many incredible entities.

SG:   How do you define success?

AL:  Success has many definitions. Success is being proud of your accomplishments. Success is securing amazing results for your clients, and putting not only smile on their face, but surpassing goals set for them. Success is being a key component and player responsible in taking your client/brand to the next level. Success is feeling good about something you have created, that is a result of dedication, hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Success is also being proud of the results and successes of your team and employees.

SG:   What legacy would you like to leave?

AL:  I would love for our agency to continue to flourish and grow, and maintain our positioning as a forward thinking agency, pushing the needle for clients, brands and individual influencers alike, in the influencer space. I want us to be an agency that brands and individuals feel they can always count on to help bring their entity to the next level, that we are accessible, up for any challenge, and that we will not only secure desired results, but that we strive to achieve success for our clients while exceeding expectations.

SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why? 

AL:  I would say I can be described as a bootie. Booties are a confident shoe. They possess edge, they are strong, they are versatile. They complete a look, easily transition from day to night, are comfortable while being fashionable, and always make a strong statement.  (This seems like the perfect time to mention my excitement over the new Rocket Dog collaboration with celebrity fashion stylist Chloe Bartoli that our agency has been working on since August. We just announced the Spring ‘18 RDxCalifornia Girls collection designed by Chloe Bartoli. We played an integral part in this partnership and it is so exciting to see the designs come to life. The plaid combat boots in particular are a must-have. I am so obsessed with the entire collection.)

To learn more about Alexandra and her agency visit The Influence