Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Sarah Boyd


Hello beauties,

It has been way too long and I am sorry for that.  This is the life of an entrepreneur.  You have your ups and your downs but in the end it is all worth it.

I had the incredible opportunity to interview Sarah Boyd a few years ago for Focus TV and I am so happy to say that she has jumped leaps and bounds from a few years ago to today.  This girl is the epitome of girl power and she does it all with kindness.  I had the opportunity to sit down with her once again to hear what she is up to.


Stilettogal:  What was the inspiration around your business?  What is your why?


Sarah Boyd:  For me, it was pretty simple (hence the name) - Connection & Kindness.  I wanted to create a kind environment for individuals to connect with like minded women working in the fashion, beauty and social media industry.  We do that through large and small scale events, online courses and our digital network where we manage celebrity influencers digitally and cast campaigns for brands.

SG: Did you have any mentors who have helped shape your career?  If so, do you believe they are important to have for growth?

SB:  Mentors are HUGE in building and shaping careers. Personally, I look to entrepreneurs like Gary V and Tony Robbins who have built their empires from the ground up.

SG:   What are 3 tips you can give to a woman who wants to start her own business?


1) Jump! Taking the leap to start is the hardest (and scariest) part, but so worth it.

2) Keep Going! When it gets so hard, you want to quit - keep pushing - because that is when you surpass the competition.

3) Stay Focused! It's easy to look to your left and right, to watch competitors, to change your original vision but stay the course and you'll get there.

SG:  What are some big wins you have had in your career?

SB:  So many "pinch me" moments over the past 7 years!  Definitely the biggest win was an acquisition one year ago.

SG: Being an entrepreneur can be challenging sometimes, what are some challenges you have had to overcome and how to did you overcome them?

SB:  The hardest part for me was keeping my confidence up when the going got tough.  I had my husband and my friends, who would always build me back up!

SG:  What do you want to leave as your legacy?

SD:  That the nice girls can win!

SG:  What kind of shoe are you and why?

SB:  I'd be a sandal because it's comfortable but can be fancy or worn around the house

If you haven't been to one of Sarah's events, you have the opportunity to attend this weekend at Fashion Island in Orange County.  Event Details