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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Ivana De Maria

Hey StilettoGals, I hope your holidays are going well and for those of us in Los Angeles, you are staying dry.  As a content creator, I always love to tell the story of incredible women doing amazing things. I had the unique opportunity to sit down with Ivana de Maria.   You may recognize her from…
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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Sarah Boyd

Hello beauties, It has been way too long and I am sorry for that.  This is the life of an entrepreneur.  You have your ups and your downs but in the end it is all worth it. I had the incredible opportunity to interview Sarah Boyd a few years ago for Focus TV and I…
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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Sarah McDaniel

Hey StilettoGals, We are excited to interview the fabulous Sarah McDaniel this week.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but beautiful inside.  Her dream is to help cure pain and cancer using CBD and help children learn through entertainment.  What a great way to use your influencer power Sarah! StilettoGal:  What motivated you to…
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Jen Kahn: Scenery Bags

As most entrepreneurs know, ideas can strike at any moment. Sometimes they are loud, and shiny, and chase us. But more often, they are subtle, haunting us in the corners of our minds, begging us to give them a chance to be bright and shiny, too. Jen Kahn heard the whisper and decided to take…
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