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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Alexandra Lasky

Owner of Los Angeles based influencer marketing agency The influence, Alexandra Lasky has over fifteen years of experience in the industry, kicking off her career as a junior publicist in the fashion and lifestyle space in 2002 in New York. Her agency The influence, which she established in November of 2016, focuses on influencer marketing…
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Walk A Mile in Their Shoes: Marti Hines & Lola Wood

Hey Stilettogals, Recently, I had the chance to sit down with some fabulous women, the founders of  WanderLuxxe, a luxury concierge company focus on film festivals.  If you ever wanted to learn more about the glitz and glamour of hollywood, these ladies have the inside scoop.   Stilettogal:  What motivated you to start your business…
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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Liza Glucoft

Hey StilettoGals, It's another Walk A Mile in Her Shoes! As we know, nowadays content is king and one of those people who knows a thing or two about creating content and making a name for herself in entertainment, is Liza Glucoft.  Liza was just named the Executive Producer of Programming at  Awesomeness TV. She has a…
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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Jen Betts

Hey StilettoGals, It has been awhile since I lasted posted.  As you all know, I created a product called The Boss Box with two other amazing women entrepreneurs.  It has been quite a whirlwind with the launch of our first box and the company. Time flies when you are having fun.  When it comes to…
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